Fromis 9 Park Jie-won 'I see I see 1 second Han Ji-min'

Fromis 9 Roh Ji-sun, audition 1 for visual 'Jaw monster even prettier'

Fromis Chapter 9 figures, Attractiveness bangs to make it more cute

Chapter new (Fromis 9) 'I smile'

Lee Sae Rom (Fromis 9) 'Sunlight is also jealous for refreshing'

Chapter new (Fromis 9) 'I smile'

Lee Sae Rom (Fromis 9) 'Spring breeze ride flew lovely Goddess'

Lee Sae Rom (Fromis 9) 'Confident Sorn smile'

Chapter new (Fromis 9) 'This full Sorn steps'

Chapter new (Fromis 9) 'Sorn road idol new footfall'

Fromis 9, 'Japan departure enjoy~'

Monsta X(monstax) the main contribution, Charisma black eyes (and the'Music Bank, Sorn')

Zhang new 'Love Rain stand in the eye greetings'

Lee Chae-young 'Sweet eyes greeting'

'Be D-1'..application★ vs US reaction★ vs often the price★is?

Fromis 9 or, even more prettier with beauty

Fromis 9 white paper references 11 14 afternoon, a GU, janghang Dong Ilsan MBC Dream Center open in MBC Music Live broadcast of 'Show Champion' backstage at expand.