Greetings to Trinh Tran Producers

Ji Jin-hee,'That awkward don't'

Kim Hee-sun 'What is this dress? Unidentified Reverse Fashion '

Son Na-eun, the general trend is here!

Girls' Generation Hyun-yeon, bright flower beauty

'Bold fashion is perfect digestion'

Jung Hye-young - Sean and his wife 'Hold your hand and red carpet'

"I wear the jacket a little."

Kim Sung-ryung 'Pink fashion to live while mimo'

Kang Hye-jung Tablet couple, we resemble

'Halloween party queen is me'

Lee Jun Ki 'Turn around and again Shaggy's era'

Ko Jun Hee 'A slightly different atmosphere'

Do you like short hair, too?

'Always fashion king'

Song Ji-hyo 'The stage also runs like a running man ~' (Pajama Friends)

Red velvet joey 'Pose as perfect as hair' (Pajamas Friends)

Red Velvet Joy 'Bold one see-through dress' (Pajamas Friends)

Song Ji-hyo 'Beautifully'

Song Ji-hyo 'Entry angle' (Pajama Friends)