Clijsters Forbes "Lee Seung-gi - Liu Yi 'together', Jolly camaraderie is fun to watch more"

"The guest"..TWICE, as a complete 'Running Man' starring

Group BTS this Forbes, Billboards, The New York Times and many other foreign media's spotlight.

BTS, 'Pop the Kangta' beauty selling 2 for

BTS Jimin self song 'Appointment' 850 only 'Top streaming'

BTS 'Once more stage: the movie' 30 million Breakthrough 'Not the power of'

TWICE 'Yes or Yes', 7 Music Charts # 1 Dinner ticket

TWICE 8 Day First Sound Source 1, source desktop Group power

TWICE 'YES or YES', the public 8 days 7 No. 1 on music charts

"The guest"..TWICE, as a complete 'Running Man' starring

"Circle stop is within a group of low power"..TWICE 'YES or YES', the day 8 Music Charts # 1

TWICE 'YES or YES', Public 8, the first 7 Charts, 1 for 'The stop is within a group'

TWICE, the American Your Happy..'YESorYES' Day 8 7 Car 1

TWICE 'YES or YES' 8 the second chart is normal..10 consecutive hit grouting

BTS USA, the Peoples Choice Awards with 4 golds

Group BTS 'The global award but'the stand.

TWICE(TWICE)mini 6 house title song 'YES or YES'to public 8 days in melon, including 7 music charts it's 'Want stop girl group'other low prowess.