Pharrell Serena Williams 'Wife and I'

Pharrell Serena Williams 'Wife and I'

Claudia Kim 'Elegance fitted'

Lee Dong-Wook, 'Suit pictorial line~'

Soo, glances from attractive

Ju Ji-hoon, from a distance, feel the Aura

Soo, 'Exclusive Aura'

Ju Ji-hoon, 'A powerful smile'

Kim Go-eun, 'A tremendous flash in the baptism amazed~'

Im Yoon-ah 'Pretty so so pretty'

Im Yoon-ah, life is a photoshoot

Im Yoon-ah, today is my heroine

Kim Young-kwang, 'Long legs striding'

Kim Young-kwang, 'Excellent proportions, this would be'

Jang Yoon-ju 'No substitute presence'

Go Ah-sung, 'This is the pants? skirt?'

Han Hye-jin 'As well~'

Lee Je-hoon, surprised rabbit eyes

Information to members, 'This playful welcome'

Im Yoon-ah, like a movie appeared