Song Hye-kyo, prettier Italy, the magnificence of Beautiful looks

Actor Song Hye-kyo's recent public no fans of this title are catching on.

EXO Sehun, Korea representative as the Paris Fashion show attended "Chic charm"

Sehun, 'Fashion show toward the footfall'

EXO Kai, Milan Fashion show of the 'Global fashion Icon'

EXO Kai, Milan Fashion show of the charismatic 'Nice Explosion'

EXO Sehun, Buddha Bell City Fashion show attend the Departure 'Exclusive can fit'

EXO Sehun, 'Fashion show like a model'

Kai the airport when Gucci make is the reason

Kai 'Now you cannot help Kai'

EXO Kai's 'Close look at felt this way'

EXO Kai 'Alluring pink on pink'

EXO Kai's 'The pink box concept'

Kai 'Moist-eyed'

Kai 'Crossing the runway to get through to'

EXO Kai's 'Our game is not'

Italy to EXO Kai

Kai 'Milan goes to Kai'

Singer Kim Tae Woo's wife Kim reviews the 'Goddess' Beautiful looks for the show had.

Chloe Moretz 'My load is listen'