EXO Chanyeol 'S do not want a handsome'

EXO Chanyeol 'Tired.'

EXO Chanyeol 'The Lunar New Year holiday in the fit entry for'

EXO Chanyeol, sit down and just finished 'Photoshoot' visual

Samsung Group EXO(EXO) member Chanyeol this old-fashioned sensibility of the water, makes you feel Self disclosed.

From Vietnam with the Departure to EXO Chanyeol

EXO Chanyeol, dazzling Aura

EXO Chanyeol, Vietnam Departure

EXO Chanyeol, complete visual

EXO Chanyeol, screen information such as departure enjoy

Group EXO member Chanyeol in this Wall is new and has been accused of attacking.

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Boy group EXO(EXO)the Concert to the 2020's.

Broadcast design Wall new group EXO member Chanyeol on humans, not angels, and expressed.

EXO Chanyeol 'Wireless headphones to talk'

EXO Chanyeol 'Oh right I'

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EXO Chanyeol 'Tired in the Dark Circle is full'

EXO Chanyeol,'Frankfurt Airport runway'

EXO Chanyeol,'Like'