'Well brother' EXO Chanyeol, "Recently bought the building for SEO and equivalent"

'Knowing Bros' Chanyeol "A month ago bought the building, SEO and in-class was"

'Knowing Bros' EXO Chanyeol "SEO and in-class, the New Landlord was"

EXO Chanyeol "SEO and equivalent? Long ago, the Landlord was" laughter

'Well brother' EXO Chanyeol, looks confident, "Team 1 is me"

'Well brother' EXO Chanyeol "Do Kyung-soo, Army goes back changed."

'Knowing Bros' EXO Chanyeol, this think looks ranking? "1 as I, 2 as Sehun"

'Knowing Bros' EXO Chanyeol "Our family is all 'Do Kyung-soo fan'"

'Well brother' EXO Chanyeol "Meet the Robinsons all Do Kyung-soo fan"

'Well brother' EXO Chanyeol, "Come Meet the Robinsons this is a Do Kyung-soo fan"..width if the shoes episode

'Well brother' EXO Chanyeol "Attends the premiere→axis is the family, all of them 'Do Kyung-soo fans'" Confessions

'Landlord'was EXO Chanyeol, all members in The Notebook 'Through the large The Gift'

EXO Chanyeol "Two months ago the Landlord was..member in The Notebook gifts"

EXO Chanyeol, Landlord was

EXO Chanyeol, Landlord was

EXO Chanyeol "Can only point our fans and dining" Commitment..4th grades announcement of the winner came up

'Radio Star' EXO Chanyeol's unusual habit?..The members 'Here' biting

EXO Chanyeol, intense attraction

EXO Chanyeol 'Exciting Explosion'

Samsung Group EXO members 2 days afternoon Seoul Dong Dae Moon DDP in advanced Netflix movie '6 Underground' on the red carpet, attended the ceremony.