Baekhyun # 1..'Kandy'to Gary McKinnon the power play is verified

'Comeback D-4' EXO Baekhyun, 'Delight' Highlight medley today(21 days) public

Choi Siwon', 'Thanks to the challenge' join "Medical photos of" week EXO Kai point

"WE ARE ONE"..Xiumin ' s Do Kyung-soo The Guardian, EXO-third Enlisted members(comprehensive)

EXO Guardian, holographic letter by the Enlisted news.."You will want to look"

BtoB Yook Sungjae→EXO Guardian, Idol star alongside 5 November Enlisted

The Guardian, Xiumin - Do Kyung-soo this EXO the third Enlisted "You will want to look"

The Guardian, 5 14 military..EXO Xiumin and Do Kyung-soo this is the third(comprehensive)

EXO Guardian, 5 November 14 Enlisted..Xiumin and Do Kyung-soo this is the third

BtoB Yook Sungjae→EXO Guardian, Idol★ Enlisted Russian

The Guardian, EXO third of Korea Military Academy duty.."14 mouth, really want to see it"

"WE ARE ONE EXO! ♥Let"..the Guardian 14 Military service, leader of goodbye

"I will miss you." The Guardian, 5 14 mouth..EXO one third Military start

The Guardian a handwritten letter, EXO I like my third Korea Military Academy duty..14 address

EXO Guardian, and next Military service..the team out a third of military duties

Guardian, the 14-day Enlisted "Always in your heart"

EXO protection, directly Enlisted the news "14 mouth, really want to see it"

EXO Baekhyun, exclusive handsome "Self parade"

Bolbbalgan4, new album tracklist revealed..EXO Baekhyun curls down under the Double Jeopardy title

'EXO Chen scored her' 'Yoon Joo acute liver failure' 'Benefits this divorce' etc