Actor Jo Jung-suk, this 8 Park Sang-min brand reputation of big data analysis with the 1 ranked.

Weekend performance, 1 for Exit-2 for Lion

Actor Yoona film 'Exit' in the publicity contributed to it.

Jo Jung-suk 'Exit', Park Seo-joon 'Lion' and 1 for departure

Actor Jo Jung-suk and Park Seo-joon's confrontation exciting.

Summer season to meet anticipated Korean Movie 4 of 2 31 days the same time opening it.

Today opening the 'Exit'vs'Lion', for sale rate of 0.3%car night driving Game

'Lion'・'the Exit' opening, a day ahead of the booking rate night diving..0.4%P difference

This week the opening to the movie, The reason for the recommendation and non-recommendation reasons to the public.

Group Girls' Generation movie 'Exit' premiere to find members YoonA, cheer said.

"This evil, and madness is" Jo Jung-sukvsPark Seo-joonvsRyu Jun-yeol 'Earnestly'

'Exit' vs 'Lion' star against imminent, the related person is somehow or

"Spider→Dance" 'Running Man', 'Exit' without Jo Jung-suk attractive

Actor Jo Jung-suk the wife Spider's 'Running Man' shoot you instead of delivered to MC holding this embarrassment was shrouded in.

'Exit' Jo Jung-suk X Im Yoon-ah,adoring and start promoting..21 'Running Man' Scramble

'Exit' Jo Jung-suk, 'Celebrity weight Live first Dashi'+'Running Man' appearances Confirm

'Exit' Jo Jung-suk and Im Yoon-ah, 19 'Celebrity Weight Watch'and 21 'Running Man' starring