A group of DIA members Eunjin this in public.

DIA Yevin, little blast

Jenny - Jung Chae-yeon, Pretty Smile

Jung Chae-yeon, I only heard a bitch, but it's pretty ..

DIA Jenny, only the onset of epidemic

DIA Lord "Yook Sungjae I do not even know ..Romance rumor was embarrassed"

DIA Lord winks deadly

DIA Eunice - Somewhere in the Eyes

DIA Eunjin, 'Beautiful smile ~'

DIA Eunjin, Cats Girl Transformation "'The Show'Keep 1st Commitment"

DIA Eunjin 'Beck of Temptation'

DIA Eunjin, leg length unknown

DIA Jung Chae-yeon 'Side-by-side gettin stage costume'

Eunjin 'Leader's charisma'

Eunjin 'Leader's charisma'

Eunjin 'Hair Do Heart Blondie'