Comeback with girl group GFriend Yerin, Eunha, in the screen information to the public.

GFriend Eunha, activity ended only months old, Beautiful looks patience and Self

GFriend Eunha, severe pain to even just cute 'Squeeze just'

GFriend Hope this magnificence of beauty.."Sleep the coming night"

GFriend Eunha, Eunha more than the shiny, Beautiful looks

GFriend SinB - Eunha, 'Cute Battle'

GFriend Eunha - Kim Ye-won,'Too cold, sprang up and'

GFriend Kim Ye-won - Eunha, showpiece hearts

GFriend Eunha, incision, skirt and Sorn the legendary~

GFriend SinB - Eunha, ear infection popping Hearts~ 'Music Bank commute'

GFriend Eunha, cute, Beautiful looks!

GFriend Eunha, 'Fresh footsteps'

GFriend Eunha 'Beautiful looks Sunny'

GFriend 'Was to comeback showcase'

GFriend Eunha 'Another attraction~'

GFriend SinB "My black hair how."

GFriend Hope, 'Elegant cry'

GFriend Yerin, 'As far As the eye out then'

GFriend Eunha 'Conditions last only for one~'

GFriend Hope - Eunha, new song 'You should' Teaser The Image public 'Picturesque visual'