Sulli, the truth of our

Ahn Sol-bin, the eyes 'Moisture'

Sulli, juicer machine now has a smile

Sulli, 'Feed another human'

Sulli fell in love, sweet eyes

Sulli, 'Flowed a pure image'

Ahn Sol-bin, 'Each caught posing sense'

Sulli, pure charm and

Sulli, 'The juicer already~'

'Sulli is the truth.'

Singer and an actor Sulli with 13 PM in Seoul, Gangnam-GU, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam Estee Lauder pop-up store open in 'Estee Lauder'by Protocol to attend the ceremony to pose.

Sully, 'A glimmer of gaze'

Sully 'All right hair is beautiful.'

Jung Eun-chae 'The disarming smile is pure itself'

Jung Eun-chae 'Cute face inversion large key'

Jung Eun-chae 'Well-dressed costume'

Jung Eun-chae 'A beauty that attracts attention'