Astro door bin's first solo photoshoot is public.

New people of the Beauty pictorial was 7 June in public.

Actress Kim Hee-Sun, Elle 7 on the cover was.

"She, Intense Pure"..Song Hye-kyo, beautiful goddess

Ong Seong-wu "Noir up digestion, pictorial President."

Ong Seong-wu, a Mature male fun+refreshing boy already Shining Romance exclusive photoshoot

Ong Seong-wu "Solo, fear than excitement..learn activity is a good opportunity"

Wanna One→alone in the Ong Seong-wu "Fear than excitement more"

Song Hye-kyo Vs Han Ye-seul, like the wings, the clothes feel different ', Elegant or sexy'

Actress Bae Doona with sexy charisma exudes.

"Nevertheless, Ong, David"..Ong Seong-wu, the piece looks proud

Wanna One Yoon Ji-sung, relaxed atmosphere

Wanna One Yoon Ji-sung, off eyes

Wanna One Yoon Ji-sung, exclusive visual

Yoon Ji-sung "Wanna One since the individual activities start..awkward but...."

Actress Jung Eun-chae of the elegant charm Camera in front unfolded.