Han Ji-min, the angel will be jealous of the dress 'Consideration for staff is bonus'

'A cool cool fashion that overwhelms' (Ansi City stage greeting)

Sulyeon, Elegant Entrance

Sung Hyun 'Gracefully with a black dress'

Kim Jae-kyung 'Fashion'

Go Ah-sung 'Careful steps holding skirt' (Ansi City)

'One Piece Fashion'

Jung Hae In, sweet eyes of the nation

Sulyeon, Walking Walking

"The ratio was exhausted." .. Jo In-sung and Nam Joo-hyuk,

Uhm Tae-goo - Kim Sul-hyun, with a smile on the love story

'High-heeled beauty actress' (Ansi City premiere)

"Healing in this smile" .. Seolhyun

Jung Eun-chae 'Pure beauty in a unique autumn fashion preview'

Jo In-sung 'A fancy key compared to others' (Ansi City)

Jung Eun-chae 'Autumn-like fashion'