'Termination of the contract' Hyuna - E'Dawn 'is the first official overseas expressions, how was that?'

Hyuna - E'Dawn,'Cube contract year after the first accompanied by official comments'

"PSY and Jessie and Hyuna and E'Dawn"..a collection family one

Hyuna 'Fans looking bread with French fries'

E'Dawn - Hyuna 'entry when Jade stuck in'

E'Dawn - Hyuna 'night in Shining Romance couple!'

Public couples E'Dawn Hyuna 'sunglasses in belly fashion'

E'Dawn 'smile and greet'

Hyuna - E'Dawn 'well I'll be back.'

Hyuna look E'Dawn of Sight

To request a shame Hyuna and E'Dawn

Hyuna, E'Dawn with Happiness in one smile

Hyuna - E'Dawn 'to Japan with Bring Me.'

Hyuna - E'Dawn 'I love you'