Girl group Dream Notes(DreamNote)with one span more growth as a comeback unannounced.

Girl group Dream Notes(DreamNote)one more new attraction's comeback concept photo was released.

Dream Notes for 'Adorable choreography~'

Dream Notes Sumin, cute Center Beautiful looks (Music Bank Sorn)

Dream Notes can people, Beautiful looks with the weight

Dream Notes, a dazzling Show Champion backstage

Dream Notes Sumin, cute to cute

Dream Notes one individual, daily pictorial

Sumin, Dream Notes Center visual

Dream Notes,'Bouncing as'

Dream Notes can people, even today Shining Romance Center Terminal

Dream Notes,'This so cute?'

Dream Notes 'Breaking youthful dance'

Dream Notes, a surprise as the image

Dream Notes 'the Pure in heart-fluttering'

Dream Notes smile,'Lovely wink'