Adriatic Valley, or green carpet in pin flowers~

Adriatic d Or 'Beautiful Miso as'

Melanie Laurent 'Good to see you.'

A sign that directed by Michael Bay

Adriatic Valley, or passionate Korean fans and

Ryan Reynolds 'For Miso to sign'

'Paid for the full version' EXO Stage (6 Underground)

'6 Underground'and EXO's meeting (6 Underground)

EXO Kai, dark for men Image

EXO Sehun, dark men's fragrance

EXO Kai, a Million-Dollar stage

Arin the EXO

EXO '6 Underground found six men'

EXO Baekhyun - Chen,'Man looks'

EXO Guardian,'Gorgeous hair'

EXO Sehun,'Sight-catching entrance'

Ryan Reynolds - Adriatic d Or - Melanie Laurent 'Korean fans of love in lavish Fan service to answer'

Green carpet walking Ian Bryce - Michael Bay

Ryan Reynolds 'Attractive Miso'

Melanie Laurent 'Gorgeous Dress, as strutting'