EXO, '6 Underground'and special decorated with 'Obsession' stage

EXO Guardian 'Intense eyes'

Michael Bay from the one on the couch flinch!!!!

Melanie Laurent 'Fans and fun selfie'

Adriatic d Or 'EXO dancing is my first'

Adriatic d Or 'EXO dancing is my first'

Michael Bay is a virtuoso of charisma

Michael Bay Miso-filled green carpet

From one apartment in the amazing Melanie Laurent

Melanie Laurent for a smile full of

Ryan Reynolds,love is full of Miso

Ryan Reynolds, chic Hand greeting

EXO Guardian 'Sexy eyes'

EXO 'Intense stage'

EXO 'Charismatic stage'

EXO '6 Underground members and make memories'

'6 Underground and EXO have met'

'This black stain in the inside and buried it'..EXO, gorgeous hair color

EXO Baekhyun 'Intense eyes'

EXO Baekhyun, this 2-Day Afternoon Seoul Dong Dae Moon DDP in the movie '6 Underground' green carpet appeared to be.