Ji Chang-wook, birthday fans leading in 'Thrilled'.."A lot of learn thank you and love you"

Group KARA-born actor Han Seung-yeon, this pet magazine 'Life b & b your(Life And Dogue)' summer cover was decorated.

Super Junior Choi Siwon ' "Me purported to Donation gold Fundraising account that has reported the received"

Super Junior Choi Siwon', the purported best of you.."Personal account as a Donation request NO"

Choi Siwon', Purported SNS account Avoid of you.."I 1 for 1, Donation request, don't"

Choi Siwon', SNS Purported damage of your "Donations fundraisers that offer information received"

Choi Siwon', Purported in the SNS the week of your "Donation related 1:1 chat request, do not"

Bae Suzy, Beauty brands and hand holding Beauty North fee Low-income women in the Donation

Park Sung-Kwang "Corona I'm not done yet"..Hand sanitizer 300 Donation

Singer Seung-Youn Cho, this beauty brand and Model was this TV ad the main until the sew steady.

EXO Xiumin birthday, yeah 'Top' Donation request with a selected

Xiumin fans, disability, child rehabilitation service Donation..up to 4 years

EXO Xiumin fan club, Xiumin birthday right Donation..4 years is about 2000 million

EXO Xiumin fan club, birthday memorial handicapped children rehabilitation equipment Donation

Song Ga-in, Corona 19 Busan IPark medical goods for support 'Donation this is leading'

EXO - TWICE, 'Top' 54 for S. Coups to selected

Lee Seung-gi fan, the Manager upfront..Corona 19 damage, helping to 1100 million yuan

EXO fan club, Corona 19 overcome to 1281 million Yuan Donation..heart-warming warmth

Baekhyun, 5000 million won Donation to the leading to join "All power within the Enjoy" (official)