In the military singer Do Kyung-soo the EXO Concert in a surprise visit.

In the military Do Kyung-soo the EXO Concert in the visited authentication with the public.

In the military Do Kyung-soo the EXO Concert in the visited authentication shot was unveiled.

Last year, 7 November in military service for Do Kyung-soo go EXO Concert to find the members of the said.

Group EXO with military service to one member Do Kyung-soo along with a group photo taken with warming to know about.

In the military boy group EXO member Do Kyung-soo family members and of boasted.

Group EXO go Concert Celebratory photo On the left.

Military Enlisted for one Do Kyung-soo with EXO members and we were proud.

Do Kyung-soo(Management)Family Vacation EXO Concert found on.

'Soldiers' Do Kyung-soo(real name Beverly)and EXO concert in a surprise visit, sticky teamwork was shown.

"Free+wit"..EXO, upgraded Artistic sensation (not a brother)

"Waiting room wide and eat, then feel"..'Knowing Bros' EXO members feel Do Kyung-soo X Xiumin in the blanks

EXO "Xiumin Do Kyung-soo Enlisted and part with Imported lined..cotton Board yet"

'Knowing Bros' EXO "Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin, Enlisted after saying much"

'Well brother' EXO, colorful, humor..witty and only point 'Yoo Jae Suk' re certificate(comprehensive)

'Well brother' EXO(EXO), brother School of laughter as the story

'Knowing Bros' EXO "Do Kyung-soo and Xiumin Enlisted, May is, and always was"

'Knowing Bros' EXO Kai, #panties in→Kang Ho-Dong 'For suggestions' is↑

'Well brother' EXO Guardian, "Appearance Rank 1, so is just me"

'Well brother' EXO Chanyeol, "Recently bought the building for SEO and equivalent"