Baekhyun recently Enlisted one EXO member Do Kyung-soo(management) in the situation I was.

'Yusuke' EXO Baekhyun this member Do Kyung-soo have Enlisted after saying I was.

Group EXO this month, solo, unit, and Concert Activities since its debut than ever before, colorful activities on time.

Recently, the military Enlisted, and one group 'EXO'(EXO) member Do Kyung-soo(management)employees of the situation was unveiled.

"Badass man+Military overturn"..EXO management, Enlisted training after a disease in the public

"Sun, bottles and training bottles" EXO Do Kyung-soo, enlisted after the capture..'Badass+heart-warming visuals'

EXO, 'As'..a complete blank minimize

Come 7 October in the music industry, EXO, full filled prospect.

Group EXO's Do Kyung-soo go Solo song to be announced.

Enlisted and ahead of the group EXO member Do Kyung-soo(the name of the background water)with a Solo song to be announced.

Boy group 'EXO(EXO)'the members of the military due to 'Military bag(in Military service+spaces here)'the fit was.

Management 'The fire station in the background with The Image' (Swing Kids stage)

Management 'Neat clean jacket' (Swing Kids stage)

Management 'Casual and online Swing Kids' (Swing Kids stage)

Park Hye-soo - the 'Photo month the same stage company' (Swing Kids stage)

EXO Do Kyung-soo, 'The prince who sells the two rich men'

EXO Do Kyung-soo, 'The prince who sells the two rich men'