Ceiling lights, unrealistic mannequin ratio 'The head is small and Dali has a long and'

Group sales calls actor Lee Joo-yeon, this status was introduced.

'Soul repair' to signal average, the impact of the Han River Dali to the middle of the capture

Actor Lee Yu-bi with a juicer filled day in the public.

Jun Hyoseong this elongated Dali, and was proud.

Is, the Blue jeans+blue running shoes Dali lengthening fashion sense

'Three hundred sixty five' betrayed Nam Ji-hyun, 'Reset the invitee' Kim Ji-soo met

'Reply' hand, Big Mama Running Man floated..the active

Lee Kwang-Soo, 'Running Man' Gibbs+crutches appeared as "Ji Suk-jin type Slack no" laughter

'Running Man' Dali injured Lee Kwang-Soo, crutches Bloodsport surprise return

This a 'Running Man' comeback "Dali injured as the rest..shooting today and wanted to"

'Running Man' Hwang Young hee, Lee Kwang-Soo Dali injured in the surprise "Real hurt anyone" worried

Lee Kwang-Soo, crutches straw and return..Song JI Hyo "Really wanted to see it" ('Running Man')

'Running Man' Lee Kwang-Soo, Dali injury→2 weeks on the comeback.."You wanted to"

Lee Kwang-Soo, Dali injured after 'Running Man' comeback.."Now you have to live it seems"

'Running Man' Lee Kwang-Soo, Dali 2 weeks after injury only comeback "Now you have to live like"

'Dali injury' Lee Kwang-Soo, 2 weeks on 'Running Man' before comeback "Waiting for you Thank You"

Lee Ju-young, the South other facilities include boasted.

'Running Man' Ahn Jae-hong, "'Hatch, not'The animal is not the Bronx Zoo"..Dali tearing long term love until