Within a group of DIA members Jung Chae-yeon of transparent Skins with the pure attractive stand for cosmetics of the brand Beauty photoshoot added to the public.

"Rain, then no" DIA Yebin, fairy Advent for the perfect visual

"So, pretty or"..DIA Kwon Chae-won, a new Goddess is born 'Close Self Help superiority'

DIA Weeks, flower One Piece to Beautiful looks Explosion 'Fairy advent line'

Jung Chae-yeon, the home inside the home..a pure beauty full of Self disclosure

'King : eternal Monarch' Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-eun in "Janelle Empress as a fit you"

Kwon Chae-won with a more Mature, Beautiful looks, and was proud.

Jung Chae-yeon, Hey, pouty expression is also lovely

Group the DIA member of the Actor to the active Jung Chae-yeon this is a Mature black and white image exudes said.

DIA Eunjin, wink, but was just As 'beauty Explosion'

Jung Chae-yeon, pure to the Singh Club..the true atmosphere and beauty

DIA Eunjin, water and other pure image "In your health careful know?"

DIA Eunjin, hot pants wearing exposed the Golden Ratio..and the expression is why?

Jang Yoon-ju, a perfect model walks the entry into

Joy - Jang Yoon-ju, and sister-like-to-shot

DIA for bin IU's Celebratory photo .

DIA for turbine to IU and make public.

DIA for bin IU's Celebratory photo .

DIA for bin IU's Celebratory photo .

DIA for bin IU towards the Fan center on my service.