'Steel 2: the 2007 inter-Korean summit' 7 29 the opening is confirmed, the main trailer revealed

'Steel 2: the 2007 inter-Korean summit' Jung Woo-sung, peace on the Korean Peninsula to South Korea President The Metamorphosis

'Steel 2: the 2007 inter-Korean summit' Jung Woo-sung x Kwak also support x flexible analysis, Second Sino-Japanese War shortly before the crisis Inevitably of tension

Kim Ho-joong 'Wannabe boyfriend look~'

Kim Ho-joong 'ARIS caught warming'

Kim Ho-joong 'Now that AD Veteran~'

Kim Ho-joong 'More with that later~'

'Lame Intern' Kim, Korean paper, the final expression for.

'Convenience planet' Kim Yoo-jung, Frank, armed with a straight girl

'Convenience planet' Kim Yoo-jung, overwhelming fighting skills as Work with the senior knock out

'Amazing Saturday'at group EXO's 'Within X Friendster'problems, as well as no cast, they confounded were.

EXO and BTS and Im Young-woong, such as '2020 Soribada Awards' nominees revealed

Jin Goo and Choi Siwon ' and Chang Kiha and Song Ho-Jun, Pacific Ocean, and as..'Yacht Expedition' appeared

Group TWICE with 9 sole covered with Beautiful looks, the divergence was.

'Ducking' Lee Min-ho→Kim Go-eun, End feel "Everyone can be satisfied with the ending"

Lee Min-ho, 'the King: eternal Monarch' End impressions "Nutrients of time"

'Over the line is' Jeon So-min Bad app, 'Running Man' 10 years on the Bulletin Board Closed