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Idol group Wanna One(Kang Daniel Park JI Hoon this command Kim Jae-hwan Ong Seong-wu box with round tube green Yun not Huang people Express with one voice)this time the comeback album for the activity goals.

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TWICE this year Korea and Japan in each of the 120 million album sales and raised.

Jeon So-mi, the 'Solo' No. 1 celebration authentication shot..TWICE in the 'Thumb washing'

United entertainment media, according to them this evening, the US, California, Santa Monica in the proceeds at the awards ceremony BTS 'This year's group' sector 'from the Twenty original pilot sports', 'Panic at the disco', '5 seconds Orb summer'and was awarded.

Design my current pay 'Handsome eyes, perfect greeting'

Design my O. V 'Intense eyes'

Within a group TWICE the 'YES or YES'to a week second soundtrack chart swept.