Oh Jung-se, 'Fairies and more' attractive..witty pictorial public

Zico fragrance falls in moment, a magazine cover decoration

Sooyoung "Participation in the first international, with colleagues,"

"Tea is from Wu to Moonbin" .. Astro, 1-year unified visual

'General surgery' Coriander "Pouring on my mind, courtesy of my work"

Yoon Seung-ah "I got a lot of relief when I raised a dog."

Owned "Marathon Attractive ... Another way to express yourself"

"Unique beauty of the goddess" Han Ye-seul, "Luxury + Chic"

"Heart Signal 'Appearance, people felt friendly"

Goo Hara, "The secret of baby skin? Not much cosmetics."

Jo Bo-ah "Actor, not Jo Bo-ah I never imagined, I'm attached to acting"

Lee Sang-yoon "Excessive passion pouring problem, acting out of practice"

Han Ye-seul's doll beauty, fascinating aura divergence

Jang Ki-yong 'The 187cm height' (airport fashion)

"Today," .. Black Pink, Unique Atmosphere