"Doll walked out"..Oh Yeon-seo, Pure White us

Kim Jong-kook 'His hands came'

Kim Jong-kook 'Myeongdong who rocked appeared'

마미손 'Itaewon gaze sweeping~'

이사배 '마음먹고 꾸민 The Party룩'

찬미 '블링블링 The Party룩'

Han Ye-seul 'A smile'

Park Shin-hye 'Head of Ollik'

Kim Nam-joo, a gracious beauty

Kim Nam-joo, charismatic beauty that reveals autumn night

"B-cut is also perfect" .. Son Na-eun, P! Nk Hoopy One Piece Goddess

Beauty that stops walking

Kim Sa-rang 'From the boulevard to the charms,'

Kim, Sarang, 'Unrealistic goddess beauty'

'A cat smiled back'

'Red is correct today'

Kim Sarang, 'From head to toe luxury'