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Lee Seung-gi side "Akpler sue in progress ... you like no"

Lee Seung-gi legal response.."Silent and you can't level the line, just no"

Lee Seung-gi, Akpler legal correspondence.."Already, sue ready"

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Lee Seung-gi-side "Bad app and Bad app love jelly and can't level ... you have to find a legal response"

Lee Seung-gi side "Reckless Bad app jelly and you can't level"

Lee Seung-gi, Akpler in legal correspondence.."Silence and can't level"(professional)

Lee Seung-gi Bad app love Sue.."Malicious rumors and Bad app, jelly and can't level"(professional)

Lee Seung-gi-side "Bad app silent, and you can't level..continuing legal correspondence"

Lee Seung-gi a girl is a "Bad app sue progress, only one dry line like no"(Official position and expert)

Lee Seung-gi-side "Bad app and Bad app Russian legal correspondence..consultation and contact no"

Lee Seung-gi side, Bad app legal response example and "Silence and can't level ... you just don't"

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Lee Seung-gi Akpler sue "Line like nothing, according to the law the first development to receive to do so" (Official position)

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