Singer cum musical actor Junsu the photoshoot the same day in public.

'Running Man' Kim Ju-hyung PD said that 'platform, the warring States era'

'All The Butlers' Kim event memory, Rooftops Concert to show The Legend of the power

SBS Art 'All The Butlers'of Kim conditions Note fitness center and more towards the improvised Rooftops Serenade with the highest TV viewer ratings of 10.7 percent.

'All The Butlers' Kim conditions notes X Rising type present, long-term love→Rooftops Concert..laugh+impressed gotcha

Singer IU is the most fairy-like status to the public.

Alien Exorcism, Christmas in Korea..Special Concert surprise announcement

K-pop Concert required item, and the rooting buds IoT(Internet of things)to apply the product popular.

Jang Woo Hyuk this Concert, and preparing near situation to the public.

EXO regular 6 album as a comeback.

Group EXO with a regular 6 album as a comeback.

Song Ga-in, Acting up well what if the song MV filming completed

Group WINNER Song Min-ho with Esquire 11 January cover Model emerged.

WINNER Concert concept public 'Info the crew of The Metamorphosis'

Super Junior Choi Siwon ' 'Cool Miso'

Choi Siwon ' 'Followers leads and'

Super Junior Choi Siwon ' Mike and giving

Super Junior Choi Siwon ' 'Mike Wealthy'

Shin Seung Hun "Sydney Opera House performances last practice to wear."

EXO Guardian 'Osaka University Concert back to main~'