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Yang Se-chan, the brother, Yang Se-hyeong and operate a YouTube channel a key business categories were revealed.

'Running Man' Yang Se-chan recently opened a YouTube channel 'Kids channel'classified was revealed.

'Straw' Jung Woo-sung "Refugee-related Bad app burden't understand the differences"

'Straw' Jung Woo-sung "Refugee issues continue to have to worry..Akpler bathroom and does not want to"

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EXO's Chen is top idol group as a member of the pregnancy and marriage announcement at the same time one of the first cases in the entertainment industry as a record was.

EXO Chen, a surprise marriage announcement..the fans "A courageous choice" Cheering

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EXO Guardian, Chanyeol the "Happy Birthday for love"

Song Hye-kyo, Cho Yeo-jeong the Blue Dragon as Celebratory photo In "Beautiful The Handmaiden" Comment