Akdong Musician 25, comeback is confirmed, Mature charm

Actor Claudia Kim, the 'Chimera' scene unveiled.

Ezra Miller, surprise my "the'new normal' Publicity non-Personal Travel"

Ezra Miller X Claudia Kim, a surprise I→27-Korea theater for a surprise visit and

'Lovely eyes, perfect' Im Yoon-ah - Claudia Kim 'Today is mind & heart-fluttering day'

Claudia Kim 'Elegance fitted'

Liu Shan, the 'Provocative glances as'

Claudia Kim, the'Fresh with a smile'

Claudia Kim, the'Fan service is the default'

Claudia Kim 'Photo for perfect fashion sense'

Claudia Kim 'With greetings appeared'

Claudia Kim, the 'bag these two in'

Claudia Kim X Im Yoon-ah, resembling seemed different 'Goddess Kemi'

Claudia Kim, Im Yoon-ah 'With full beauty'

Claudia Kim, the 'Comfortable seemed stylish'

Claudia Kim, a bright mind full of Good appeared in

'Selfish 8,' Claudia KimvsHan Go-eun, extreme and extreme fashion showdown

Claudia Kim 'Spring air Alicante is a healing smile'

Claudia Kim 'Dazzling Beautiful looks'

Claudia Kim, the 'Or smile'