'The 17th annual Asiana International Short Film Festival'the most star-studded in celebration of the opening was.

Group EXO leader cum performer Suho(Guardian)this short film 'The Gift'from the impressive open natural life.

"Actors recognized so that" Park Seo-joon, '2019 AISFF' screening in each(composite)

'The 17th annual Asiana International Short Film Festival' Safe→Chapter level Switch and Park Seo-joon excavated and to be short, and fall is a rookie

Park Seo-joon, Asiana International Short Film Festival Special Jury appointed "A safe recommended"

Park Seo-joon,week video Cinema16: American Short Films and cheer.

Cinema16: American Short Films a lot of love to Please Yo

Park Seo-joon, Korea Cinema16: American Short Films Love.

Asiana International Short Film Festival, the seventeenth festival ready "Little by Little a new attempt"

Park Seo-joon - week videos Cinema16: American Short Films fling opportunity'

'2019 AISFF' safety to "Park Seo-joon special audit Committee to participate for me a great help"

'2019 AISFF' Park Seo-joon "Safety screening offer, the burden was great, but Thank You"

'AISFF' Park Seo-joon "A special audit Committee, qualified or distressed..objectively, I see"

'2019 AISFF' week about "Park Seo-joon and the special audit Committee, with the best will"

'2019 AISFF' Park Seo-joon "Cinema16: American Short Films screening, Actors Alicante is help you will"

'Special audit Committee' Park Seo-joon "I screening level you want to be or want to, but ... objectively, I will be"

Park Seo-joon special audit Committee 'Cinema16: American Short Films for the chance'