Han Ji-min→new people→Gong Hyo-jin as the Lead 'Independent Art Film Challenge'

'Hyena', Chungmuro representative actress Kim Hye and Ju JI X Best of encounters

Jung Woo-sung "Chungmuro 女 zone Center conduction, Smoking, presence outstanding..more affectionate to colleagues"

"The Deployment is crazy."..'Straw' conduction delay X Jung Woo-sung, the extraordinary Korean edition crime pole birth(comprehensive)

'Showman you' Park Seo-joonX'Chungmuro blue chip' Kim Dae-mi of youth to..'Itaewon Club Festival'

'hunt of time' now Hun X A Pink X Top X Park Jung min Here, Chungmuro of The future has

'Chungmuro expect very' Lee Ju-young, Now 'Art reckoned'to..'Running Man'Standing in the wrong charm Explosion

"Chungmuro The Avengers scramble" conduction delay X Jung Woo-sung 'Straw even..' Korean crime stimulus epoch(Composite)