Divine healing, 'Idol Star popular'

Group Izone(IZ*ONE) Hitomi Honda, Choi The Daily released a photo.

Choi (Izone) 'Everyone recognizes that youth Beautiful looks'

Choi - Kim Min-Ju 'Life filled with dead-eyed charm Match Point'[photo UN HD](Izone)

Choi 'Oh, such Beautiful looks'

Izone Choi, the 'Cute hearts~'

Izone Choi 'Joined to call Attractiveness'

Wanna One Park Jihoon, 'A perfect next line'

Izone Choi, early in the morning and open your Beautiful looks

Izone Choi, the world for Airport fashion

Im Yoon-ah, the 'Half shiny glowing skin'

Im Yoon-ah, 'Beautiful Hand greeting'

Im Yoon-ah, 'Even from far away, beautiful, beauty'

'Izone' Choi,Hitomi Honda refreshing Entrance

'Izone' Choi mask by for joy full

Izone Choi - Hitomi Honda, has a jewelry visual

Ha Sung-woon, 'Small, but perfect proportions'

Ha Sung-woon, 'So was handsome?'