'Low tide skull' 1 meeting destination Cho Yong-pil from 'the American Counseling' IU up..low tide new Golden Disc Awards

October 4 Today's Idol? Seventeen (SEVENTEEN) 'Fixed'

Cho Yong-pil "There are a lot of fans who came with their children."

Cho Yong-pil "Dark & ​​amp; You want to send flowers to Wild, do not you?"

Cho Yong-pil "Billboard records Dark & ​​amp; Wild, that's great"

Cho Yong-pil "Dark & ​​amp; Wild Billboard No.1 shock, not a regular singer"

"Thank you so much" .. Dark & ​​amp; Wild, Cho received a Concert Celebration gift on Yong-pil

Daewoo Sunshine Dark & ​​amp; From Wild to Drug Controversy