Lee Ha-nui X Cho Jin-woong, 'Black Money' actively promote "A good movie that the audience makes"

'Black Money' Cho Jin-woong, Lee Ha-nui, stop movie Director, the film magazine 'Cine 21'through a fascinating pictorial to the public.

Actor Uhm Jung-Hwa, Lee Je-hoon, Cho Jin-woong, Lee Ha-nui as the film, the same pictorial was completed.

South Korea to devastate the financial crimes real drama 'Black Money'of actor Cho Jin-woong, Lee Ha-nui and still Director of fashion magazine 'Vogue Korea'via fascinating pictorial to the public.

Jang Ki-yong, Cho Jin-woong - Ha Jung-woo with can fit

Cho Jin-woong x Jung Woo-sung, appeared only as a presence instep ※

Kim Sa-rang, 40 as can't see Preservatives Beautiful looks..Cho Jin-woong and then shot

Cho Jin-woong, During the year sexy properly show suit fit 'The Perfect Man' anticipation↑

Hyunjoo is 'The Legend of beggar Tits'to mention the hilariously laughed.

21, opening with the movie 'I clowns: wind manipulation means of'starring Cho Jin-woong, Son Hyun-Joo, Park Hee Soon, Choi Won-Young's pictorial was unveiled.

Cho Jin-woong, The film 'Lion' fighting! (Lion VIP premiere)

Cho Jin-woong, 'Intense charisma'

Cho Jin-woong 'Sincerely sign'

Cho Jin-woong 'Thumb chuck'

Hwang Jung-min, 'Today, sulton skin'

Ju Ji-hoon, 'Fashion socks fashion'

Cho Jin-woong 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon'

Yoo Dong-geun's youngest daughter, "Waiting for growth"