A group of DIA members Jung Chae-yeon this is Taiwan in here is time released.

Charlie Puth Fu, '2018 MGA' took 7 days from my performances

Wanna One, Perfect Tear Visual "Every moment of Warnerable"

Wanna One Kang Daniel, 'Attractive at a glance even if you go'

'Taiwanese national male' Ryu Ho, 'Korea ♥' certified as the second lowest temperature

'I found Korea.'

Ryu Ho, 'Beef noodle' during the 'it's delicious'

Ryu Ho, a warm smile of a Taiwanese national boyfriend

Ryu Ho 'The meat is huge'

Ryu Ho 'Chef-sama looking at bread-toed smile'

Ryu Ho 'Taiwan's First Love'

Ryu Ho, 'Beef noodle charm'

Ha Jung-woo, like a local supermarket

'M Countdown' (girls) Kids, Dark & ​​amp; Wild 'FAKE LOVE' replay

MAMAMOO Sola, 'Figurative' (Airport fashion)

Gong Yoo, "Should I do a handshake in half?" (Airport fashion)

Gong Yoo, 'Outbound route with managers' (Airport fashion)

I GOT7, Chinese Taipei 7000 passengers ..World Tour cruise