Kim Seo-hyung 'A scene from the movie like'

Kim Seo-hyung 'Retro fashion goes?'

Lee Jin-wook 'Cheongdam-dong in the ultimate you'

Rose 'Heart-fluttering eyes'

Lee Dong-Wook 'Even the feeling which'

Kim Hee-ae, 'The wind in the humiliation no'

Kim Hee-ae 'Years there are Beautiful looks'

Soo 'Charismatic expressionless'

Ju Ji-hoon, 'Masculine next to the line'

Kim Hee-ae 'Mar water not mine skin'

Kim Hee-ae 'Bag most fashion'

Irene, 'Side yourself.'

Soo, 'Overwhelming charisma'

Lee Dong-Wook, 'Suit pictorial line~'

Kim Hee-ae, 'Her line in digestible fashion'

Kim Go-eun 'Dublin bread'

Lee Dong-Wook 'My heart belongs to the original graphics'

Irene, a compelling percentage

Model Irene, 'Appeared from elegant~'

Soo, glances from attractive