For wisdom, 'Tremendous length of Long coat over and~'

Henry Lau, 'The fashionable outing'

Kim or pool, confident eyes

Soo,'Through the rain and charismatic stance'

Henry Lau, my great drunk~

Henry Lau, narcissism

EXO Oh Se-hoon 'The comma head is the Perfect match'

EXO Oh Se-hoon 'Carrier Corporation with the pose, so'

EXO Oh Se-hoon 'Role of Black Panther'

'Side to' EXO Sehun handsome better appreciation of the law

EXO Sehun, Cheongdam-dong in Airport fashion

EXO Sehun, but Elsa, over looks

EXO Sehun, nice to wear and came

Sehun, 'The impression of my handsome I'

Three Hun, 'Handsome boy's eyes is perfect'

Kim Seo-hyung 'A scene from the movie like'

Kim Seo-hyung 'Retro fashion goes?'

Lee Jin-wook 'Cheongdam-dong in the ultimate you'

Rose 'Heart-fluttering eyes'

Lee Dong-Wook 'Even the feeling which'