EXO Chen 'Dad was', 29, Seoul, Cheongdam-Dong Obstetrics and gynaecology services scored her

'1 marriage announcement' EXO Chen, Cheongdam-dong Obstetrics and gynaecology services scored her stay

Master Lee Min-ho 'Charisma'

Master Lee Min-ho 'Cute to'

Master Lee Min-ho 'Cute greetings'

Master Lee Min-ho 'Nice Hand greeting'

Events attended EXO Guardian

EXO Guardian, heart-warming Miso

EXO Protect, intense Sight

EXO Protection, face surely! Fashion is also a must!

EXO Guardian 'Dandy gentleman'

EXO be number 9 on the afternoon of the Seoul Gangnam District, Cheongdam-dong the dress is all in the open Jimmy Choo and stylist Jung Yoon is collaboration as 'A further highlight is the city' capsule collection launched to welcome the event will be attending.

EXO Guardian, from a distance, striking a handsome

The Guardian, 'Art Eyes Fire'

Guardian 'Cheongdam-dong in the sky Handsome boy'

The Guardian, 'running shoes to suit a perfect digestion'

The Guardian, 'Kim Ye-won Chuck a handsome'

EXO Guardian, Itoda one Hand greeting

EXO patron, stick around!

EXO Guardian, heart-warming lesson visual