The dynamic Duo, 2019 sole Concert performance free..Psy - EXO Sehun&Chanyeol - Zico - crush as a guest shot

"Free+wit"..EXO, upgraded Artistic sensation (not a brother)

"Waiting room wide and eat, then feel"..'Knowing Bros' EXO members feel Do Kyung-soo X Xiumin in the blanks

'Well brother' EXO, offbeat charm..Kai "Shower when you dance"

'Knowing Bros' EXO, Kai and Chanyeol Artistic sensation exploded.

'Well brother' EXO, 8 years down the farm profit Artistic sensation

'Knowing Bros' EXO, personnel line was still for Artistic sensation

'Well brother' EXO(EXO), brother School of laughter as the story

'Knowing Bros' EXO Kai, #panties in→Kang Ho-Dong 'For suggestions' is↑

'Well brother' EXO Guardian, "Appearance Rank 1, so is just me"

'Well brother' EXO Chanyeol, "Recently bought the building for SEO and equivalent"

'Knowing Bros' Chanyeol "A month ago bought the building, SEO and in-class was"

'Well brother' EXO Chanyeol "A month ago buildings had bought"

'Well brother' EXO Xiumin X Dio, Army from Can the war pig

EXO Chanyeol "SEO and equivalent? Long ago, the Landlord was" laughter

'Well brother' EXO Chanyeol, looks confident, "Team 1 is me"

'Knowing Bros' The Guardian "Looks 1 to me. 6 for Chanyeol"