EXO Chanyeol 'The Mask and bare face revealed'

EXO Guardian 'Witty, folder, articles'

EXO Chen 'Chic Black Panther'

EXO(EXO) Chanyeol and Italy fragrance brands together in one screen information to the public.

EXO Chanyeol 'Cold atmosphere'

EXO Chanyeol 'Brother, the beauty is patience'

EXO Chanyeol 'Cute duck is'

Chanyeol - Chen - Baekhyun 'Show only be enjoyable members'

EXO Guardian 'Million dollar eyes'

EXO (EXO), The Overflow is now a handsome and charismatic (e-mart)

EXO - Chanyeol, Baekhyun Thailand fans going

EXO Guardian 'Check man-to-man and it's a perfect combination'

EXO - Chanyeol silver visuals

EXO Guardian 'Many doubt that today's wear'

EXO Guardian 'Members a lot of late or'

EXO - Chanyeol staring Chen

EXO - Chanyeol ordinary car of Airport fashion

EXO Talk and Share members

EXO 'From the airport, and also with men'

EXO Chanyeol 'Blonde charisma eyes'