Within a group, Cosmic Girls Eunseo with the Chanel photoshoot B cut-price-unveiled.

Group Red Velvet's Irene this time, Mary Claire 9 June in her fatal attraction to the cigarette is the public said.

Pharrell Serena Williams 'Wife and I'

Pharrell Serena Williams Couple, Executive protection and

Kim Hee-ae 'Years there are Beautiful looks'

Soo 'Charismatic expressionless'

Ju Ji-hoon, 'Masculine next to the line'

Soo, 'Overwhelming charisma'

Lee Dong-Wook 'Idol singer the cheek that handsome outdoor wear'

Kim Hee-ae, 'Her line in digestible fashion'

Soo, appeared

Kim Go-eun 'Attractive matchless'

Irene, just like the middle parting

Soo 'Prettier with today's photo month'

Ju Ji-hoon, sleek, all-White fashion

Soo 'Excellent Model, this shows that male'

Lee Dong-Wook 'The whole aura is just Terry House'

Kim Hee-ae 'Elegant footsteps'

Kim Hee-ae 'Class is another fascinating expression~'

Kim Go-eun 'Smile complete photo fashion'