Chan Mi, well to Waist in Copenhagen "Eat a lot +5kg"

"Life, eye❤" AOA Chan Mi, eye without neat and Beautiful looks

AOA Chan Mi lips, I my family and Self.."Duck like"

Girl group AOA(Jimin Yu or Hyejung Seolhyun Chan Mi) members Seolhyun, this cute charm to show him.

AOA Chan Mi said body secret "stress, Exercise as relieve it."

AOA Chan Mi Jimin 'Pets with the pose'

AOA Chan Mi, Birthday Display board certification "It was a happy and warm day."

AOA Integrity, Comeback Celebratory photo  'A pretty girl next to a pretty girl'

AOA Seolhyun, 'Sweat on forehead'

AOA Seolhyun 'So pretty?'

AOA Seolhyun 'So pretty?'

Yoo Ah-in, IU, and Yoo Byung-jae Seolhyun answers

AOA, a comeback picnic pajama group shot 'Rising expectation'

AOA, sneakers off the heel!

AOA, sneakers off the heel!

AOA leaves Park Choa

AOA leaves Park Choa

'6-member reorganization' AOA "Happiness when you are with members"

AOA Seolhyun, Minah and Chan Mi, 'Fatal eye'

AOA to announce 'Round bangle' group photo ..