AOA Chan Mi, A Company Man as The Metamorphosis

Group AOA Chan Mi near the situation I was.

AOA Chan Mi, fleeting moment captured beauty 'Dreamlike atmosphere'

AOA Chan Mi, pale makeup in a visual Explosion "So day"

Chan Mi black hair with The Metamorphosis was.

AOA Chan Mi, more salty charm peeking..'So Bada than pretties'

Chan Mi the most elegant, Beautiful looks for the show had.

Group AOA with 'Running Man'in the whole appeared in the middle, Jimin crack the bracelet with the punishment received.

Group AOA member, Chan Mi, Yu Na, Seol Hyun is the Haha at the end of the game in the was eliminated.

'Running Man' AOA Chan Mi Yoo Jae Suk towards the sound to shouted.

'Running Man' AOA Chan Mi Seolhyun, Jimin about to offer is laughter, I found myself in.

AOA Chan Mi Fans Day in public.

Group AOA member, Chan Mi outstanding Beautiful looks, and was proud.

AOA Chan Mi new song 'See me Come (Come See Me)' Teaser reveal and comeback expectations for the utmost high was.

Group AOA member, Chan Mi comeback ahead of near panic to the public.

Group AOA Chan Mi web drama 'Love unofficial 11M' he did.

AOA Hyejeong, Chan Mi and Clijsters all-shot 'of Who you should watch?'

Chan Mi, well to Waist in Copenhagen "Eat a lot +5kg"

"Life, eye❤" AOA Chan Mi, eye without neat and Beautiful looks

AOA Chan Mi lips, I my family and Self.."Duck like"