Chae Shi-ra, in a long career areas.

Park Eun-ji, want to follow the short cut hair

Chae Shi-ra 'Three months out of the time looks'

Chae Shi-ra, 'Still Beautiful looks'

Chae Shi-ra, 'Elegant entry'

Chae Shi-ra 'The expression on the post filled'

Chae Shi-ra, a daily pictorial

Chae Shi-ra, 'Appeared also alluring as'

Chae Shi-ra "Break up" I chose to be a challenge. "

'Goodbye left.' Chae Shi-ra transformed into Bobbed hair in 6 years! Perfect look to office look

"Mom's Leeds times'" .. 'Farewell' Chae Shi-ra, sophisticated red suitfit

'Goodbye left.' Chae Shi-ra - Jo Bo-ah, Baby Dress Up Paid Shop at 'At this point, Gobu One Man's War'

'Goodbye left.' Chae Shi-ra, the irritant, transformed into a red lip

Chae Shi-ra 'Jo Bo-ah'

Chae Shi-ra 'Yellow Front One Piece'

Chae Shi-ra 'A house theater Come back in 3 years'

Jung Hye-young 'I do not have any errors!'

Uee, 'Bobbed hair'