Actor Cha Jung-won, Shin Ye-eun, this is a visual of the jewelry pictorial revealed.

Actor Cha Jung-won of the summer pictorial was unveiled.

Cha Jung-won, 'the Elegant footsteps'

Cha Jung-won 'A decorated fashion'

Cha Jung-won, 'the Style is important to me'

Cha Jung-won 'Well be back soon.~'

Cha Jung-won Departure 'Honey falling Hearts series'(Airport fashion)

Hong Soo-hyun, if you love,

f (x) Amber Liu, 'Greeting'

Cha Jung-won 'A charming smile'

Oh Yeon-seo, Cha Jung-won and Sandara Park, "Itham" of clothes ★?

'Lawless Lawyer' Cha Jung-won "Playful Choi Min-soo and Lee Joon-gi, Bo Burnham: It's like Make Happy"

'Lawless Lawyer' Lee Joon-gi, Cha Jung-won went on trial ... Seo Ye-ji mother was alive

'Lawless Lawyer' Cha Jung-won shakes Lee Joon-gi ...