Recently, netizens aka 'Aimee's counterattack this is called the topic or pouring and this time the issue is how much the world of K-POP star BTS(BTS) member V of the Chinese fan club 'Baidu status type mobile'in domestic AD companies.... all communications in AD to trust from the start.

Big hit, the 1-year Campaign with 16 billion yuan Fund-raising "Social contribution New Horizons"

Jun Ji-hyun 'The ring is a few?'

Jang Ki-yong 'Feel-good smile'

Jun Ji-hyun, 'Still Leeds renew weight'

Jun Ji-hyun 'Unchanging beauty'

Jun Ji-hyun 'Over wide pants'

Jun Ji-hyun, warm fashion

Actor Eugene this 13 a.m., Seoul the equity Mobile Samsung Jong-Ro Tower, for in the open 'Check out the game hub Forest create a Campaign' business agreement ceremony attended by the greeting.