Lee Sung-kyung 'Reality panel Manet sequins'

Lee Sung-kyung, unrealistic visuals

Lee Sung-kyung 'Crisp visage'

Lee Sung-kyung, the 'Golden footsteps'

Lee Sung-kyung, the screen look like!

"Here is the runway"..Lee Sung-kyung, Red Carpet catwalk

Lee Sung-kyung 'The susceptible Hand greeting'

Lee Sung-kyung, 'Dazzling gold terminal'

Lee Sung-kyung, 'Still time'

Lee Sung-kyung, a moving Barbie doll

Lee Sung-kyung, a beautiful Barbie doll!

Lee Sung-kyung, Golden greeting

Lee Sung-kyung 'The face ratio is perfect'

Red Velvet Joy 'Beauty to me is Joy Joe~'

Bae Suzy, 'The angel came down and seemed to'

Bae Suzy - Shin Dong-yup, 'Elegant MC'

Jang Yoon-ju 'Snowy Road between the complex walking'

IU 'Whites Arts Awards V LIVE popular'

IU,popular surprised

IU,a popular prize footfall