'Bright semi-formal' (Bullion stage greeting)

Kim Myung-min 'I have heard the rating, but thanks to the following support' (Bullion stage greeting)

"'Bullion'ome to see." Hari, Attractiveness

SOS for bodyguards

Han Ji-hye 'Be careful on stage'

Park Eun-hye 'Still beautiful?'

Paek Ji-yeon announcer 'Elegant appearance'

Chuseok theater, Korean film 4 papjeon .. Bullion and Negotiation,

Jung Jun-ho, 'I do not know.' (Bullion VIP premiere)

Jean Seon Yeon 'Stairs without stairs' (Bullion)

Kim Dong-Hyun 'Let's stick with Bullion'

Jung Jun-ho, 'Korea's Rhode Island'

Yura 'Fashion'

Hyery 'Entry to bold VIP timeshare'

Han Ji-hye 'Beautiful'

'Aura full of force' (Bullion)