BtoB Yook Sungjae→EXO Guardian, Idol star alongside 5 November Enlisted

BtoB Yook Sungjae→EXO Guardian, Idol★ Enlisted Russian

BtoB→SHINee→EXO Guadalcanal Campaign Lush, my brother they come back.

BtoB Peniel Shin "Upcycled environmental issues is a good alternative"

BtoB Yook Sungjae with the nickname 'Six I even'hang on for a fun unique charm to show him.

BtoB Yook Sungjae the warm spring air with water, ensuring that the first concept of The Image to the public.

BDC "Roll model? EXO and BTS and BtoB sunbaenim..this I want to receive"

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Group BtoB's member Yook Sungjae with First Impressions 178 hotel cover was decorated.

Yook Sungjae, pants up a pic of your car in a snap

Yook Sungjae 'The tremendous cheers of the thrilled'

Yook Sungjae 'Girl fans of cheers and admission'

BtoB Peniel Shin, treasure-like Camera

BtoB Yook Sungjae, eyes sparkling

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BtoB Yook Sungjae 'Skin lotion, but the right makeup'

Yook Sungjae, low price visual

Early morning is the perfect visual of Yook Sungjae

Early dawn completely visual line Yook Sungjae