Distal splenorenal shunt procedure to print X while X key, a new song 'Know' Teaser revealed..'Band identity' maximize

Distal splenorenal shunt procedure, 4 November 2 comeback..the song title is 'Know'

BTS, 'World Tour, leaving the world NO1 Boy Band'

Big hit shop, BTS Concert DVD pre-sale started 'the Hot attention'

"World's Best Boy Band, BTS"

Dark & ​​amp; Wild (BTS) X ARMY, shake the world

Dark & ​​amp; The age of Wild has opened.

"Made history" .. 'First place on Billboards200' Dark & ​​amp; Wild, I also praised foreigners.

"Conquered the beauty" Foreign Language Special Issue..Dark & ​​amp; Wild 'Billboards200' means # 1

"Billboard to reality" Dark & ​​amp; Wild, the record continues