'All The Butlers' from the daily outdoor challenge..Han Ji-min and Ma Dong-Seok and Bong Joon-ho performance be close to

Baek Jong-won and Ma Dong-Seok from Bong Joon-ho Director, up 'House from itself' members directly Express relations embarked on.

"Time if OK"..Han Ji-min and Baek Jong-won→Ma Dong-Seok and Bong Joon-ho, 'All The Butlers,' the most appeared forward

This Chang Ahn Seong-GI Jung Woo-sung spots..'The post Bong Joon-ho law' support

Safe signature move bring, monopoly ban of the film industry structural improvement needs

Film 1325 people of the film industry structure require improvement called 'The post Bong Joon-ho law'signed.

Park So-dam, the Bong Joon-ho Director had to talk about.

'Parasites' Academy 4 golds..Park Seo-joon and BTS→Lee Ha-nui, ★s also not thrilled with "I Shell give"

The film 'Parasites'this 'Article 92 of the annual Academy Awards'in the screenplay, International Film Festival, the Director, works up to 4 crown of flame on the middle, 'Parasites'and starring Actors as well as domestic stars of the celebration was pouring in.