The 'Popular.' BTSVSBolbbalgan4VSBLACKPINK, 1 for who?

The 'Popular.' BTSvsBolbbalgan4vsBLACKPINK, fierce 1 for candidates

BTS, 'Gashina (Live/2017)'from 1 for "Truly touched?"

'Gashina (Live/2017)' BTSvs see the red teen vs a glass one, fierce 1 for Battle

The 'Popular.' Fourth week 1 for a BLACKPINK with.

BTS, 'Gashina (Live/2017)' 1.."No thanks on the Happiness" impressions

'Gashina (Live/2017)' BTS, comeback and at the same time 1 for the "No thanks to the day-to-day Happiness"

BTS 'Show! Gashina (Live/2017)' s comeback stage after 1 for "Not for the album"

'Gashina (Live/2017)' BTS, comeback at the same time 1. paid for the full version AMI♥

The 'Show, Gashina (Live/2017)' BTS and Bolbbalgan4 and BLACKPINK # 1!

The 'Show Gashina (Live/2017)' BTS, BLACKPINK - Bolbbalgan4 with the # 1 clash

'Gashina (Live/2017)' BTSvsBolbbalgan4vsBLACKPINK, 1 for the candidates 'Clash'

'Gashina (Live/2017)' BTSvsBolbbalgan4vsBLACKPINK, 1 for the candidates 'Clash'

BTS vs BLACKPINK vs see red puberty..'Gashina (Live/2017)' 1 for trophies, anyone willing?

'Gashina (Live/2017)' BTSVSBolbbalgan4VSBLACKPINK, 1 for candidates clash

'Gashina (Live/2017)' BTSvsBolbbalgan4vsBLACKPINK, 1 for candidates clash

'Music Bank' BTS, 1 for the tightest "We already sincerely thanks."

'Music Bank' BTS comeback after the # 1 candidate..Bolbbalgan4 competition

Bolbbalgan4 'Music students of the comeback'X's HD Photo]

Bolbbalgan4, 'Pollen Frou'