Son Dam bi-"Gong Hyo-Jin Long know..tailored advice"

Red Velvet Joy, Beauty photoshoot, fresh+sexy charm

Park Seo-joon 'One hair off that visual'

Park Seo-joon - Kang So-ra a 'Well-shot'

Park Seo-joon "Nemesio"

Park Seo-joon "I LED The Mask used to have"

Actress Chun Woo-Hee a man with a different Aura, and was proud.

Broadcaster Park Eun-ji the Hawaii Health from to and was.

Gugudan washing this lush Beauty pictorial to be revealed.

New people of the Beauty pictorial was 7 June in public.

Gugudan member Kim Se-jeong, 'Sunshine', Beautiful looks for the show had.

Amount beautiful 'Very carefully'

Jang Yoon-ju 'Idol more than idol-like pose'

Jang Yoon-ju 'Top Model of the force'

Han Hye-yeon, the star more than the Star 'Super Service' (Next plc Beauty Creator)

This wisdom very 'Pure textbook'

Icon Barbie 'Poplar kids-conditioned, select'

Red Velvet Joy 'Beauty to me is Joy Joe~'

"Pure+lovely".. The Party Ahn Sol-bin, today, pretty, Beautiful looks

Song Hye-kyo, snow and 'Kids air select'