Kim So-Yeon, a long spent time alone

Actor Kim So Yeon Marie Claire, and with the public.

EXO, Bangkok Concert for the situation..3 million 3 thousand, the audience enthusiastic

EXO, Bangkok Concert 'Castle panic'..3 million 3 thousand, the audience enthusiastic

EXO Sehun 'The gap in sparkling appearance'

EXO Chen 'Eyes only slightly'

EXO Chen 'More details frozen solid'

"A handsome fence was"..EXO, completely visual

EXO Kai 'The formula requires no visual'

EXO Kai 'For the inside, exposed sexy'

EXO Guardian 'The Mask through which came a handsome'

EXO Guardian 'Million dollar eyes'

EXO Kai 'That feeling footfall'

EXO Guardian 'Check man-to-man and it's a perfect combination'

EXO - Chanyeol silver visuals

EXO Guardian 'Many doubt that today's wear'

EXO Guardian 'Members a lot of late or'

EXO Guardian 'Attractive dark Eyebrow'

EXO Guardian 'autumn one too, check it!'

Guardian, women's sniper eye out then